Criminal History? How to Search for Work

This presentation provides some basic tips and resources provided by NCWorks Career Center – Guilford County, on how to search for work if you are a resident of Guilford County, and have a criminal history.

Be sure to join our team of representatives at the Expungement Clinic, on July 5, 2017, from 2:30-4:30. The Expungement Clinic will be held at:
2301 W Meadowview Road, Greensboro, NC 27407
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Published on June 20, 2017. (Video Credits: Music by:Yshwa_-_13_-_where_the_sunshine_goes_instrumental Created by: Joan Tucker, CWDP)

Where is the Unemployment Office in Greensboro, North Carolina?

The Employment Security Commission, also called the “Unemployment Office,” changed its name. It is now called the NCWorks Career Center, and is one of two Centers in Guilford County.

The Department of Commerce and Employment Security Commission merged, creating an opportunity to coordinate local workforce services. The objective was to create a model for a system that provides more integrated one-stop service delivery – The Integrated Service Delivery Model, or ISD. The ISD Model was implemented by the Guilford County Workforce Development Board in March 2014.  The ISD Model includes the following three basic functions:

  • Talent Engagement
    • Welcome Team
    • One-on-one Interview
    • NCWorks Online Registration
    • Needs Assessment
  • Talent Development
    • Career Exploration & Planning
    • Comprehensive Assessments
    • Job Readiness Classes
    • Skill Building/Upgrading
  • Employer/Employment Solutions
    • Employment Referrals & Networking
    • Job Listing & Job Matching
    • Hiring Events & Career Fairs

In Greensboro, the new Center is located at:

2301 W Meadowview Road, Greensboro, NC 27407

Phone: 336-297-9444

In High Point, the Center is located at:

607 Idol Street, High Point, NC 27262

Phone: 336-882-4141

For more information about the NCWorks Career Centers in Guilford County, see our “What We Do” Page.

dd’s DISCOUNTS 3-Day Hiring Event!

High Point, NC – May 30, 2017. The NCWorks Career Center will host a 3-day Hiring Event at 607 Idol Street. 50 Retail Sales Associates and a loss prevention (keyholder) associate are needed at dd’s DISCOUNTS Store.

Recruiting efforts will begin from 9 am – 3:30 pm, May 30th thru June 1st. Come dressed to impress and bring your resume!

dd’s DISCOUNTS Stores, are apart of the Ross Stores Family. For more information, visit their “About” Page at:

NCWorks Online (Job Seeker) Registration is required before attending all events at NCWorks Career Centers. To register, go to:

For more information about the dd’s DISCOUNTS 3-Day Hiring Event, contact Christina Blanton-Twitty, at 336-882-4141, Ext. 8562

Manufacturing and Logistics Jobs are Still in Demand in Guilford County

Press Release:Portrait of young engineer taking notes

High Point, NC – On Wednesday, June 14th, from 2:30 – 6:30 pm, the NCWorks Career Center in High Point, proves that manufacturing and logistics jobs are still in demand by hosting a Mega Hiring Event at 607 Idol Street.

Organizers of the event are working with registered participants to get them prepared for an interview.

“We know that there are jobs out there; we’ve talked with employers who have them. What we want to do is to provide employers with qualified candidates – the cream of the crop. We will be working with all of our partners who have qualified candidates in their pipeline, so that these available positions can be filled,” says Joseph Alston, Operations Manager of the Career Center in High Point.

NCWorks Online (Job Seeker) Registration is required before attending all events at NCWorks Career Centers. To register, go to:

For more information about the Mega Hiring Event or Pre-Employment Screening, contact Alicia Hinesley, at 336-882-4141, Ext. 8556.

Job Fair vs Career Fair vs Resource Fair – What’s the Difference?

Since I have attended Job Fairs, Career Fairs and Resource Fairs for over 15 years, think I’ll take a shot at this question. Here’s my short answer, not much! Here’s another short answer, you are what makes each event different! If you are one who believes that sometimes your open door happens by being in the right place at the right time, you’ll want to frequent each of them whenever you can.

My long answer to what is the real difference between a Job Fair, a Career Fair or a Resource Fair? Consider these opportunities that are usually featured: Non-degree opportunities, degree opportunities, educational opportunities, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Not always featured at each event? Resources. Resources are normally only featured at Resource Fairs and are for people of all ages. There may be a clothing give-a-way, health screening, empowerment workshops, baby sitting services, etc. Event planners are getting creative when planning these events. There are probably more activities that I haven’t mentioned.

Back to my short answer – it’s you! Take time to prepare yourself for your door of opportunity. It is my belief that this “door” we always speak about happens because we’ve visualized it to happen; and coupled with hopes, dreams and admiration, this open door is sure to be revealed! The point is, whichever event you attend, be prepared. Go there to show that you are the best and dress to impress! However, don’t be disappointed if things don’t go your way at the next event you attend. Before gaining employment, community resources could be the very thing that you need to remove your barriers to employment. Notice the definition of the word, opportunity – “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.” A set of circumstances that make it possible to do something. Wow! A combination of things could be happening right now! You may be at the beginning of this set of circumstances, in the middle or right at the end where things begin to happen! Don’t give up. Persistence doesn’t have a set number. You just keep pushing until it happens – it usually does! If you need resources to remove barriers to employment and to realize your door of opportunity, those resources could also be major difference!

NCWorks Career Centers in Guilford County, serve thousands of customers per month. Many of them were referred to Job, Career or Resource Fairs, and have been found by recruiters. If you would like to attend our upcoming Community Resource Fair, in the Guilford County Area, it will be located at the National Guard Armory in Greensboro, NC, on April 26, 2017, from 3-8 pm. Follow this link for more information about this event:

Notes: (

How to Mentally Prepare for an Interview When THIS Happens!

(The links on this page have been updated)

Below you will see three dilemmas that commonly occur BEFORE interviews that make people so nervous that they sometimes don’t even try! Next, you will see the negative thought or thoughts associated with the dilemma. Finally, we will show you how to prepare mentally when the dilemma happens, so that you can ace your next interview!

Before we begin, here’s what you need to do to apply for employment:

  • Get a professional to help you develop a resume and cover letter. If possible, attend other employment preparation classes to help you.

Free classes here:

  1. Go to:
  2. To the left click the “Career information” link
  3. To the left, hover over “Appointment Center”
  4. Click, “Events Calendar”
  • Complete a sample job application. Once you are ready to apply for a real job, simply transfer your answers or customize them to fit the position.

Sample Employment application

  • Develop a “Thank You” letter template, so all you have to do is customize it to the position for which you are applying. It’s always right to say, “Thank You.”

thank you letter template

Now you are all set! Keep reading…

Delimma 1: The employer does not provide much time for applicants to apply

Negative Thought: My deadline is today at 11 pm. I’m going to look lazy for applying at the last minute!

Mental Prep:

  1. Stay calm. You are applying for a job that you are qualified for. They need YOU.
  2. Use your job preparation templates.
  3. If there is an option to email it, take advantage of it.
    • Use an email program that has a “return receipt” feature so that you will know if the message was received.
  4. If called for an interview, always take a hard copy of your completed application packet with you, so that you can refer to it whenever necessary.

Delimma 2: You need to make a certain amount of money, but the employer has NOT disclosed how much the position pays.

Negative Thought: I’m going to have to turn down the position because it doesn’t pay enough. I’m going to lose everything!

Mental Prep: 

(This answer will vary for each person)

  1. Before applying for any job, you should do labor market research so that you will know the average pay of a comparable position in your local area.
  2. Once you know how much the job typically pays, talk to a Consumer Credit Counselor or Money Manager as soon as possible. You need to know if you do take the position, if you can stay at your current cost of living, or if you will have to downgrade to small house, apartment, get a roommate, etc.
    • (Follow this link:
  3. Get in touch with your support system for help if necessary.
    • (Friends, family, church, support group, etc.)
  4. Know your options. If you have no support system because you are new to the area and haven’t gotten to know many people, develop a support system before you need it.
    • Contact the community resources hotline to find support:
    • (United Way 211:
  5. If you have been searching for work for quite awhile, you may have run out of options.  In some cases, we’ve provided information on community shelters and housing programs. We’ve also provided assistance to customers who have been sleeping in their cars, on couches, porches, etc. These situations are normally temporary. If you must enter a shelter, it is only temporary. Most shelter rules require work search. It won’t be long and you will be back on your feet!

Delimma 3: The employer has requested you to record an interview video

Negative Thought: Ugggh! I hate to talk in front of people! I will look like a fool in front of a camera!

Mental Prep:

  1. Before getting in front of the video camera, practice in front of the mirror.
  2. Also, practice with your family or friends.You could also attend a free mock interview session if you have time. Mock interviewers normally take a video of each interview so participants can be critiqued and remove any mistakes that were made, and also to show them how they look on camera.
  3. If you don’t have time to attend a mock interview, create your own! Get your camera phone, gather common interview questions, get in the mirror, and then ask yourself questions (answer them too) based on what you’ve learned about the position. This should make you laugh, so have fun!
  4. Be sure to get enough sleep before you record your interview video. You don’t want to appear tired and uninterested. The camera is not your enemy. It is your friend! It will tell you the truth!
  5. Finally, if you didn’t have time to prepare, do the best you can and don’t worry about it. You can’t hide who you are, just be the best at being yourself! Think positive. Either you will get this position or another one!

(Go here for sample interview questions/answers: )

Remember to keep in mind that unemployment is temporary.  The more you believe it is temporary, the more it will be temporary. We will always have problems in life. No one can prepare you for life’s problems if you are not willing to face them.

We are here to help! If you have a dilemma that you need help with, reply to this blog to let us know! You may also visit our online partnership network to find community resources in Guilford County, NC


NCWorks Career Center – Guilford County, NC

Science & Engineering Careers

Article posted by the US Department of Labor:

Doctors and medical professionals aren’t the only people with the ability to make a difference in health care. While not directly involved in providing patient care, the work of scientists and engineers makes a tremendous difference in our health and well-being. Take, for example:

  • Artificial body parts, like dental implants or joint replacements, and the materials used in their construction.
  • Diagnostic imaging machines and the software needed to run them.
  • Information on the causes of and risks for diseases, like cancer or Alzheimer’s.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs and medications.
  • Medical tests used to detect diseases or genetic abnormalities.

What’s the primary difference between these two groups? Scientists and engineers frequently work together, but scientists typically conduct research to discover new areas of knowledge while engineers use that research to solve problems.

Here are some of the science and engineering occupations impacting health care. All pay median wages above the median wage for all occupations ($36,200) and are projected to have job openings through 2024. All of these jobs need at least a bachelor’s degree for entry…

For more details about how science and engineering impacts the medical field, follow the link below:

Science & Engineering Link

NCWorks Career Centers in Guilford County offer information on training opportunities in  the areas of science and engineering in Guilford County, NC. Visit us in one of two locations to get started. See our “What We Do” link, for location and contact information.



“Stop trying to figure me out! You don’t need to know my name or know my origin. Shortly, you’ll find me. I’ll be there again and again. I have no name, but I’m always around, whether you like it or not. I can’t be stopped. I am meant to be. I can do what I want. The ancients tell me who I’m going to meet. I’ll meet them today, but will they stay? Will time tell? He studies the past because he is certain that history will repeat. Just as well, I’ll wait and see. I don’t really care if you’ve been this way before – once again, you’ll meet me. If you knew me, you would know my next step; but you don’t. So, just be there when I get there. Otherwise, no judgment is necessary. Resisting me? I’ll just try again another day. If you were me, you would know more about me. You would see. But you don’t and you won’t. You will know soon. Until then, nothing is what you need to say. Who am I? Where am I from? What is my age? You can’t tell. It doesn’t matter. Undetected, I’m sure to succeed, I do it well. Will they remember? Some will, some won’t. Time will tell. It’s just the same, because I’ll just use your name, and history shall prevail!”

Unfortunately, some people act as though they have things all figured out, ignoring the signs of failure. The “Ignorance,” in the poem above, is boasting about striking over and over again, going undetected. It doesn’t need a name really, because its purpose is to use yours. Even if noticed, ignorance just waits for another person to strike or another opportunity to strike the same person again, until its label is attached. (Ever seen an ignorant person?) What has already been done will be done again, just in a different form. Thus, the signs pointing to the right direction are ignored.

Ignorance meets all of us, but it’s up to us how long it stays around. We don’t know that we are ignorant about something until we know what we are being ignorant about! That’s weird, but experience is sometimes our only teacher. As long as we are alive, there are things we just don’t know, and that’s OK. We don’t need to know everything. However, our desire to know something in particular seems to be automatic and we gravitate towards it – whatever it is. The right way will always show up, and it usually shows up early. It comes as prosperity, unless we ignore it.

We sometimes inadvertently find the wrong knowledge – because of our family, friends, etc., or because of reasoning. Ignorance can attach itself to anyone, at any time. No matter. We must keep seeking until we find wisdom and knowledge that gives us peace and takes us from the pathways of failure to the pathways of success.

Remember this, ignorance is not the same as the lack of knowledge. Ignorance is revealed when we don’t take heed to the right way, whether it’s in the form of correction, instructions, wisdom, or knowledge previously provided.

Don’t ignore this: The programs and services at NCWorks Career Center – Guilford County, have helped thousands of career seekers get on the right path. Yet, some still resist the help, thinking that they have to do it on their own. They don’t. We are here to help! You are smart. I know you’ll contact us today!

Greensboro – 336-297-9444, High Point – 336-882-4141

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Motivational Monday!


NCWorks Career Centers in Guilford County, provides the unemployed, under-employed, and displaced homemakers with a variety of no-cost resources including workshops, career development, career fairs, hiring events, and more! Motivational workshops are available to encourage individuals seeking employment to remove barriers to employment!


What to Wear to An Interview



This picture has been used over and over again on the Internet. I like it because it is basic. There are so many examples of what NOT TO WEAR, so I decided to use this.  Some people who are searching for work don’t have money to buy new clothes.  Use community resources to assist you.  For assistance, check out our Partner List by visiting the link below:

NCWorks Career Center- Guilford County