Networking is NOT Just for Job Seekers

When motivating job seekers, I’m an advocate of advising you to, “get it together, prepare for the worst, get back up, and try again.” Yet, even a golf ball hangs low after being hit so many times! Many social media sites have users who share motivation and encouragement; yet, “Motivation Monday” may not be enough to get you up moving again. Only YOU know your limits. When it’s time to re-charge, re-vamp, or renew, do it! Get on the computer, find a support group near you, and get out of the house!

Networking is not just for job seekers. Career changers and people seeking personal development also attend networking groups. Networking with employers and our peers helps us to stay charged up and encouraged! Moreover, many job finding clubs are totally free and have helped many people find employment just when they felt like giving up. Sometimes it’s that second wind that gets the job done – that gets the JOB! So yeah, get back out there and try it again!

Coming to NCWorks Career Centers, beginning November 2015: The Work-Net Job Finding Club. See our “About” page for contact information.

Many Caucasian People And Hands Holding Red Letters Or Characters Building The Isolated English Word Networking On White Background

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