How to Research a Company Before Applying

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Before applying for an employment position, do your research!

How to Research a Company Before Applying

Step 1.

Make a list of what you want to know. For example, you may want to know the following:

  • Company Values
  • Financial Status
  • Culture
  • Locations
  • Reviews/Complaints

Step 2.

Know why you need to know this information. Does it relate to the job description?You wouldn’t want to mention the company’s profit in an interview, as it might seem that you are only there for the money. On the other hand, knowing how many complaints the company has could be a deal breaker. If you really want the job, don’t mention the complaints in your interview. Also, check out the job description for key words you don’t know or understand. You want to become familiar with the culture and terminology used. Another good reason to conduct research is to know the company’s terms and conditions.

Step 3.

Gather the data. Then, check out the company’s Webpage and social media outlets to gather information about the company’s culture and values. Did you know that you can sometimes get company data from the public library?  You could also sign up for a free trial of Hoovers, online. Hoovers offers a wealth of information about various companies online. To get more information, check out this free guide from Quint Careers Online:

Tips: You can use Websites like, Yelp and search engine reviews, but use caution and determine if the review is biased. Sometimes angry former employees post things that are not necessarily true.

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Written by: Joan Tucker, CWDP

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