“Why Should We Hire You?”

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If you don’t know the answer to the interview question, “why should we hire you?” you need to read this…

Hiring managers ask this question to find a good fit for the position. It’s a given that the employer wants the best person for the job. What’s not clear is, how would they know if you are a good fit or not? What can you say or do, besides showing confidence, to convince the interviewer (who has already spoken to about five people before you) that you ARE the best fit for this position? After seeing posts about this one question online (around 50) over the years, I’ve decided to try to provide a clear explanation – so here you go!

Below are the top five answers to how “they” all say you should respond to the question:


  1. Sell/Market yourself
  2. Prove that you are a good fit by matching skills and qualifications
  3. Show forth initiative by researching the company
  4. Show confidence
  5. Talk about your accomplishments

I am not saying that these answers are wrong. On the contrary, I am asking, how can you be sure that by giving the answers above, that it will make any difference? Keep reading!

Surely, you know by now that you need to do research on the position for which you are applying. Having done the research, here is a clue: there is no cookie-cutter answer to this question! All companies are not equal! They don’t operate equally! Therefore, they would most likely view the best fit differently! What are you to do?  Instead of totally focusing on what you have to bring to the table, find out what would bring the house down! Example: If xyz happens, this operation would  be hindered and could cause the company valuable profits or credibility. Now, you’ve got their attention!  Keep reading.

Once you have discovered the major weakness of the position for which you are applying, tell the interviewer what it is, and let him or her know that you are the right person to turn it into a strength! See examples below:

  • If the whole operation would be hindered because you are the only person hired for the position, bingo! Mention your dependability, delegation, and leadership skills.
  • If you will be working on a team: Discuss your team building and comradery.

Also, remind the interviewer that time is critical and that you are ready to get started. If the position is new, bring some examples of how you will get things going.

Now, if you still don’t get hired after being asked, “why should we hire you?” it won’t be because of something you said!

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Written by: Joan Tucker, CWDP

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