Headed to a Large Job Fair? Don’t Go Without Reading This!

I don't even know your name

When you go to a large job fair, you will probably see several companies in which you are interested. Take a small briefcase, portfolio case, or even a heavy duty folder with you, so that you can put in it all of the information you gather. (Include in it a small notebook or some note paper, and a pen.) You will collect business cards, brochures, flyers, and even free gifts! Next, don’t go to a table just to get a free gift or candy without first introducing yourself; then proceed to ask for whatever it is you want. Being polite never grows old. You may not be interested, but smile, say, “thank you,” and walk away. I heard a guy at recent job fair say, “I’m not working for that…” Not a good impression.

IMPORTANT: When you do get good job leads, DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT FINDING OUT THE FOLLOW-UP PROCESS. Ask the representative or employer how you should get in touch with them. Write down the name of the company and the instructions they provide. Remember, if they say, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you,” they really mean it! Don’t call them, but within 24 hours, do send them a thank you note for taking time out to speak with you. Include in the note: (1) a reminder of the position in which you are interested, and that you really want to work for the company, (2) three top skills that you will use in the position, (3) your contact information and the best time to reach you by phone.

Finally, be patient! There were 800 job candidates at the job fair – maybe not, but there were a lot of people there! Use your waiting time to do research on the companies you came across. If there was no application provided, go online to apply for the position you found, and then start practicing your interviewing skills so that you will be ready when you do get the interview call!

Don’t leave employers singing a song like this one, by Shawn Mendes:

“I Don’t Even Know Your Name”

Oh, you waited so long
Sometimes it’s hard to to stand out
And you, don’t have to do anything else
But be yourself…

You, you dressed up so nice
But all I could see was your eyes
And the crowd, came, and pulled you away
And then you were gone…

.And I don’t even know your name
All I remember is that smile on your face
And it’ll kill me everyday
Cause I don’t even know your name…

Wishing you the best,

NCWorks Career Center – Guilford County

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