Is the Sky the Limit?

“The Sky is the Limit”- A catchy phrase use to motivate you into reaching higher. While, it’s OK, it could be better. My advise? Don’t focus on impossibilities. Some things that seem impossible are not really impossible at all, it just depends on who you are talking to. If I believe that I am capable of doing something, I capable of trying! We repeat phrases that were designed to encourage us; however, we do so without really thinking about what we are saying. We repeat them over and over just because we heard it from someone else – who got a thunderous applause.

If you don’t find out much else about life, find out who you are and where you fit in this world. Otherwise, you will find yourself doing things just because someone else did it, or because it was “always done that way.” This type of mentality kills creativity! Since I can remember, I have never been a fan of group think. Have I gotten in some heated conversations because I am a free thinker? Of course! Some of them led to debates that brought me to tears! I was told, “You’re a know it all,” You’re too critical, You are thinking too much into things,” etc. It still didn’t stop me from thinking, analyzing, and dreaming. I am still determined to probe a thing until it makes sense to me! I don’t allow impossible situations scare me.

Tagging along with catchy phrases is not something I do. For example, another one of these phrases is, “Think Outside of the Box!”  Ooh! If I can connect the dots, am I now special? What if I can’t? I ask you, why would I want to be confined to this “box” in the first place? Why just “think” out side of this box, when I can just get rid of the box? Life is like a puzzle, though. Yet, some of the pieces are still missing! I can’t wait until everything comes together before I get started pursuing my dreams.

All of our lives, we’ve looked to family members, teachers, or may be close friends for advice, hoping that we would get some sort of direction for what to do with the rest of our lives. No one gets it exactly right! Before I went to college, I was told it was too late – I was only 30 years old! I went to college anyway, and I received three degrees – not to prove anyone wrong, I just simply believed that it was possible. I believe that education should never stop. Now that you see where I’m going with this, look for other words or phrases, designed to inspire you, but really cause you limit yourself. Instead of wondering if the sky is the limit, start thinking about being unlimited!

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By: Joan Tucker, CWDP

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