“Stop trying to figure me out! You don’t need to know my name or know my origin. Shortly, you’ll find me. I’ll be there again and again. I have no name, but I’m always around, whether you like it or not. I can’t be stopped. I am meant to be. I can do what I want. The ancients tell me who I’m going to meet. I’ll meet them today, but will they stay? Will time tell? He studies the past because he is certain that history will repeat. Just as well, I’ll wait and see. I don’t really care if you’ve been this way before – once again, you’ll meet me. If you knew me, you would know my next step; but you don’t. So, just be there when I get there. Otherwise, no judgment is necessary. Resisting me? I’ll just try again another day. If you were me, you would know more about me. You would see. But you don’t and you won’t. You will know soon. Until then, nothing is what you need to say. Who am I? Where am I from? What is my age? You can’t tell. It doesn’t matter. Undetected, I’m sure to succeed, I do it well. Will they remember? Some will, some won’t. Time will tell. It’s just the same, because I’ll just use your name, and history shall prevail!”

Unfortunately, some people act as though they have things all figured out, ignoring the signs of failure. The “Ignorance,” in the poem above, is boasting about striking over and over again, going undetected. It doesn’t need a name really, because its purpose is to use yours. Even if noticed, ignorance just waits for another person to strike or another opportunity to strike the same person again, until its label is attached. (Ever seen an ignorant person?) What has already been done will be done again, just in a different form. Thus, the signs pointing to the right direction are ignored.

Ignorance meets all of us, but it’s up to us how long it stays around. We don’t know that we are ignorant about something until we know what we are being ignorant about! That’s weird, but experience is sometimes our only teacher. As long as we are alive, there are things we just don’t know, and that’s OK. We don’t need to know everything. However, our desire to know something in particular seems to be automatic and we gravitate towards it – whatever it is. The right way will always show up, and it usually shows up early. It comes as prosperity, unless we ignore it.

We sometimes inadvertently find the wrong knowledge – because of our family, friends, etc., or because of reasoning. Ignorance can attach itself to anyone, at any time. No matter. We must keep seeking until we find wisdom and knowledge that gives us peace and takes us from the pathways of failure to the pathways of success.

Remember this, ignorance is not the same as the lack of knowledge. Ignorance is revealed when we don’t take heed to the right way, whether it’s in the form of correction, instructions, wisdom, or knowledge previously provided.

Don’t ignore this: The programs and services at NCWorks Career Center – Guilford County, have helped thousands of career seekers get on the right path. Yet, some still resist the help, thinking that they have to do it on their own. They don’t. We are here to help! You are smart. I know you’ll contact us today!

Greensboro – 336-297-9444, High Point – 336-882-4141

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