Interview Anxiety? R.I.P.P. IT!

Interview anxiety is tough! We've checked out a lot of tips online that claim to help with interview anxiety. Some of them are really good, while some of them only appear to provide a solution. We recently read a post that said interview pressure is intentional from some employers. Nevertheless, you should know the truth about interview anxiety. Before your … Continue reading Interview Anxiety? R.I.P.P. IT!


Resume Vegan

A resume vegan disregards anything that resembles animal fat! (Disclaimer: The animal fat in this post, refers to one animal. Since we are professionals, you’ll have to guess which one.) Is your resume too fluffy? Did you go to O*NET OnLine and copy/paste? Come on, be honest! If you did, you are not alone. Professional resume writers … Continue reading Resume Vegan

Customer Service Resume: No “Responsibilities”

If you have the word "responsibilities" on your resume, here's why you shouldn't: Your job opportunity may be given to someone else because you haven't shown how you will make a difference if given the position. By repeating this word, you are simply repeating an entry in the job description, telling the reader what you … Continue reading Customer Service Resume: No “Responsibilities”

dd’s DISCOUNTS 3-Day Hiring Event!

High Point, NC – May 30, 2017. The NCWorks Career Center will host a 3-day Hiring Event at 607 Idol Street. 50 Retail Sales Associates and a loss prevention (keyholder) associate are needed at dd's DISCOUNTS Store. Recruiting efforts will begin from 9 am - 3:30 pm, May 30th thru June 1st. Come dressed to impress … Continue reading dd’s DISCOUNTS 3-Day Hiring Event!

Manufacturing and Logistics Jobs are Still in Demand in Guilford County

Press Release: High Point, NC – On Wednesday, June 14th, from 2:30 – 6:30 pm, the NCWorks Career Center in High Point, proves that manufacturing and logistics jobs are still in demand by hosting a Mega Hiring Event at 607 Idol Street. Organizers of the event are working with registered participants to get them prepared … Continue reading Manufacturing and Logistics Jobs are Still in Demand in Guilford County