Where is the Unemployment Office in Greensboro, North Carolina?

The Employment Security Commission, also called the “Unemployment Office,” changed its name. It is now called the NCWorks Career Center, and is one of two Centers in Guilford County.

The Department of Commerce and Employment Security Commission merged, creating an opportunity to coordinate local workforce services. The objective was to create a model for a system that provides more integrated one-stop service delivery – The Integrated Service Delivery Model, or ISD. The ISD Model was implemented by the Guilford County Workforce Development Board in March 2014.  The ISD Model includes the following three basic functions:

  • Talent Engagement
    • Welcome Team
    • One-on-one Interview
    • NCWorks Online Registration
    • Needs Assessment
  • Talent Development
    • Career Exploration & Planning
    • Comprehensive Assessments
    • Job Readiness Classes
    • Skill Building/Upgrading
  • Employer/Employment Solutions
    • Employment Referrals & Networking
    • Job Listing & Job Matching
    • Hiring Events & Career Fairs

In Greensboro, the new Center is located at:

2301 W Meadowview Road, Greensboro, NC 27407

Phone: 336-297-9444

In High Point, the Center is located at:

607 Idol Street, High Point, NC 27262

Phone: 336-882-4141

For more information about the NCWorks Career Centers in Guilford County, see our “What We Do” Page.

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NCWorks Career Center – Guilford County

Councilwoman Assists Job Seekers in Guilford County

The NCWorks Career Center, along with Councilwoman, Cynthia Davis, work together to assist job seekers by coordinating a community event in a faith-based location. On February 25, 2016, from 10 am 2 pm, participants of Guilford County can visit the New Bethel Baptist Church in High Point, NC to receive job readiness services, including resume assistance! Free childcare services will be available on-site. The NCWorks Career Center Mobile Unit is large enough to handle the large crowd expected. Continue reading “Councilwoman Assists Job Seekers in Guilford County”

Attention Job Seekers: Participants Wanted for Free Workshops!

We have all of the tools you need to find gainful employment in Guilford County! Team members at the NCWorks Career Center can help you build your skills and become more marketable to employers. Free workshops are available at no cost to you if you are laid off from employment, working part-time and not able to make ends meet, or you are displaced homemaker because your spouse lost employment. Continue reading “Attention Job Seekers: Participants Wanted for Free Workshops!”

Networking is NOT Just for Job Seekers

When motivating job seekers, I’m an advocate of advising you to, “get it together, prepare for the worst, get back up, and try again.” Yet, even a golf ball hangs low after being hit so many times! Many social media sites have users who share motivation and encouragement; yet, “Motivation Monday” may not be enough to get you up moving again. Only YOU know your limits. When it’s time to re-charge, re-vamp, or renew, do it! Get on the computer, find a support group near you, and get out of the house! Continue reading “Networking is NOT Just for Job Seekers”

Safety & Quality Practice Management (Free Skills Training & Certification!)

FREE Manufacturing Skills Standards (MSSC) Certification

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Reserve your seat by contacting Triad Goodwill at: 336-275-9801 ext. 1005
  2. Attend the free Orientation Session
    • Location: Triad Goodwill’s Greensboro Community Resource Center
    • Address: 1235 S. Eugene Street, Greensboro, NC 27406
    • Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015
    • Time: 1:00 -4:00 PM
  3. Follow the instructions from the Orientation to access this free training online!

Web Address: http://www.triadgoodwill.org