How to Get Rid of Classroom Crickets!

Sometimes when facilitating workshops, after the icebreaker was over, I’ve heard crickets! I started my presentation. It appeared that every one was engaged because they were quiet. Then, I did the unthinkable – I asked the class a question! Suddenly, I found out the number one rule when faced with a quiet classroom. DON’T ASK THEM ANY QUESTIONS! Any experienced meeting facilitator or public speaker knows that! But you are bold, so you ask – with excitement in your voice, “how is everyone doing today?” You hear a slight, “fine,” mingled with some other murmuring.  Knowing that is your responsibility to excite the crowd, you say something like, “that wasn’t good enough! Are we alive this morning? How is everyone doing!!!” Now, you hear a thunder of responses, but afterwards, crickets! Your whole presentation could potentially go downhill after that if you don’t have some good stuff planned. No facilitator likes a class room that is so quiet that you can hear the crickets outside. Below are my tips for “reviving” your classroom.

  • Be sure to provide name tags for everyone so that you can call participants by name.
  • Have an awesome get up and move icebreaker
  • Know your audience – start off talking about a trending event that is interesting
  • Incorporate the participants’ personalities into your presentation. If you see “rebellion (people who are determined not to participate),” don’t push buttons! Allow the participant’s body language to guide you. When ready, he or she will participate voluntarily.
  • Be knowledgeable about a specific topic (do your research) to provide uncommon insight`1
  • Create a skit (see below)
    • If a participant seems quiet and reserved, wait until others are engaged before you engage him/her
    • Don’t ask for help, give assignments, (“Jim, I want you to represent an employer today.”)
  • Have options, like starting off with a funny, but short video
  • Have fun! Be creative! Using cookie-cutter rules to facilitating can grow stale fast.

The point is, you have to get your classroom engaged in a variety of ways.  If you are going to ask a question, ask a particular person, one who looks enthusiastic. If you can’t find such a person, skip the question or answer it yourself!

More facilitating tips and tricks are coming soon!

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Is the Sky the Limit?

Don’t allow catchy phrases to have you thinking things are impossible! Some things that seem impossible are not really impossible at all, it just depends on who you are talking to. If I believe that I am capable of doing something, I capable of trying! We repeat phrases that were designed to encourage us. However, we do so without really thinking about what we are saying. We repeat them over and over just because we heard it from someone else, and that person got a thunderous applause! Continue reading “Is the Sky the Limit?”

Motivation Monday Blues? Make Monday Amazing!

Office life

Motivation Monday Blues?

Motivation Monday is a common phrase used for help us change our mindset on the day that people perceive as the worst work day of the week. I’ve heard complaints like, “I had a great weekend, and now it’s over!” Or, “I had a terrible weekend with little rest, and now I’ve got to go back to work again!” No worries, it’s only a perception. When attempting to motivate yourself today, play mind games with yourself. Whether you know it or not, your mind is playing games with you.  Fight back by having something fun to look forward to. Instead of saying how you really feel (realizing that feelings come and go) say and think the opposite. Dismiss the dismal and look forward to something you’ve always wanted to do. Keep in mind that your sub-conscience mind is paying close attention to how you think. Why? Because it is how you think that has the most control over what you will do next.

Just so you know, I’m not trying to ruin that “Thank God It’s Friday,” thing that we have going on. On the contrary, ups and downs are necessary so that when excitement comes, we can experience it at its peak! What I am suggesting is that we change it up a little. We can still have our Friday fun, but it may be time to add another fun day to the mix. What better day to add fun to than Monday!

Would you and your co-workers like to host a Monday Morning Coffee Bar, Monday Relax Lounge, Monday Game Day, Monday Desert Day, or a Monday Ice Cream Social Day? Why wait? Since Friday is already exciting, make Monday amazing!

cup of coffee on table in cafe.Cutting cake at office partyYoung adults spending time at exciting guessing game

If you’ve received this email too late and Monday is almost over, guess what? It will return, so go ahead and start planning to do something amazing, next Monday!



-Written by Joan Tucker, CDWP

Headed to a Large Job Fair? Don’t Go Without Reading This!

I don't even know your name

When you go to a large job fair, you will probably see several companies in which you are interested. Take a small briefcase, portfolio case, or even a heavy duty folder with you, so that you can put in it all of the information you gather. (Include in it a small notebook or some note paper, and a pen.) You will collect business cards, brochures, flyers, and even free gifts! Next, don’t go to a table just to get a free gift or candy without first introducing yourself; then proceed to ask for whatever it is you want. Being polite never grows old. You may not be interested, but smile, say, “thank you,” and walk away. I heard a guy at recent job fair say, “I’m not working for that…” Not a good impression. Continue reading “Headed to a Large Job Fair? Don’t Go Without Reading This!”

“Why Should We Hire You?”

Job Employee Man Candidate Search

If you don’t know the answer to the interview question, “why should we hire you?” you need to read this…

Hiring managers ask this question to find a good fit for the position. It’s a given that the employer wants the best person for the job. What’s not clear is, how would they know if you are a good fit or not? What can you say or do, besides showing confidence, to convince the interviewer (who has already spoken to about five people before you) that you ARE the best fit for this position? After seeing posts about this one question online (around 50) over the years, I’ve decided to try to provide a clear explanation – so here you go!

Below are the top five answers to how “they” all say you should respond to the question:


Continue reading ““Why Should We Hire You?””

Councilwoman Assists Job Seekers in Guilford County

The NCWorks Career Center, along with Councilwoman, Cynthia Davis, work together to assist job seekers by coordinating a community event in a faith-based location. On February 25, 2016, from 10 am 2 pm, participants of Guilford County can visit the New Bethel Baptist Church in High Point, NC to receive job readiness services, including resume assistance! Free childcare services will be available on-site. The NCWorks Career Center Mobile Unit is large enough to handle the large crowd expected. Continue reading “Councilwoman Assists Job Seekers in Guilford County”

How to Research a Company Before Applying

Furious woman with chained hands and contract
Before applying for an employment position, do your research!

How to Research a Company Before Applying

Step 1.

Make a list of what you want to know. For example, you may want to know the following:

  • Company Values
  • Financial Status
  • Culture
  • Locations
  • Reviews/Complaints

Continue reading “How to Research a Company Before Applying”